What We Do

JigsawWhateverWhenever provide remote solutions for all your business requirements and have successfully worked with a variety of companies and individuals providing Executive PA services, administration, marketing and event management services.

We have worked with company directors, solicitors, branding experts, health and wellbeing specialists, journalists, PR specialists, HR managers, designers, surveyors and music industry professionals plus many others.

WhateverWhenever will work with you to understand your business and personal needs. We will take care of your day to day back-office requirements and provide valuable assistance to help you reach your goals and see results.

If there is anything we don’t mention that you need assistance with, just ask!

Our values and promise to you are:

Professional – we endeavour to conduct our business affairs in a professional manner and adhere to high standards of conduct.

Ethical – we conduct business based on sound, ethical principles and endeavour to work fairly and honestly with employees, clients and suppliers.

Flexible – our services are bespoke and we aim to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our clients.

Honesty – at all times, we only make honest representation of our skills, experience and qualifications, and never promise something we can’t deliver.

Confidential – we respect the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and business practices and recognise client ownership of any intellectual copyright relating to all business activities.

What our clients say

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WhateverWhenever. We take care of what you don’t need to…

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